Day 2: Parisian art is rich in history too. And that danged pronunciation of the letter ‘R’.

9 09 2013


It’s 4:08am local time.

Alas, there will be no writing tonight. I have, however, shot over 650+ photos in 12GBs so far.

How ’bout a sneak preview?

First, some comments (in no particular order):

1) La Joconde (The Mona Lisa) – The weird coloring you see in the lower half of the painting is actually reflections of the mass of humanity that was in front of me when I took the picture. There is a glass pane protecting the photo, and this is why there is a reflection. I shot this photo from over 10m away and there were about 10-12 rows of people crowding the smirking Lisa del Giocondo in front of me. Her wry smile looks as if to say, “You schmucks waited for how long in line to see me? ROFLMAO.”

2) The drowning angel/martyr caught my eye and I couldn’t stop looking at it.

3) I see two pretty girls in the photo of Venus de Milo. (Aphrodite for all you gyro loving, tzatsiki drinking folks.)

4) Can you name the six apostles in the photo using only the items they carry in their hands?

5) Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris is old outside, and a zoo of tourists inside. The architecture is breathtaking. The history, well chronicled. But, as a worship space? Yikes. I’d liken it to trying to study in a library with someone’s headphones blasting next to you… and the fire alarm going off every hour or so.

6) I like trees.

7) ‘Maman’ looks younger than ever.



Ok, and lastly, my mom, sister, and I were rolling on the floor laughing after my sister discovered this handy ‘how-to’ guide when pronouncing the letter ‘R’ en Français. I still can’t do it.

Annnnnnd it’s almost 5am. Gotta be up at 8.

I’m out.

Sleepless in Paris


Bienvenue à Paris!

8 09 2013


Well, it’s 2:30am here in the La Marais district (3ème arrondissement) and I can barely keep my eyelids open. It’s been 37 hours since I slid out of the driveway of my parents’ house at 4:30am with ‘Buster’, my parents’ Westie, looking on and looking disconcerted. Since then, I have traveled 8979km (5580mi), met family on my Dad’s side in Chilly-Mazarin, did a drive-by of Paris’ most touristy destinations (La Tour Eiffel, Musée du Louvre, Place de la Concorde, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, et. al.), met cousins my age on my Mom’s side of the family for the first time ever, walked La Rive Droite (along the River Seine) just in time to see the Eiffel Tower light up the Parisian night sky with its 20,000 brilliant twinkling lights, and managed to shoot over 100+ shots with my camera already. Seeing that I have probably slept somewhere between 4-6 hours during the last day and a half, with most of it being on an impossibly ‘vertical’ American Airlines coach seat, I have nothing left in the tank for this evening. You’ll all have to check back in next evening when, hopefully, the body is rested, the Louvre and Orsay Museums have been conquered, and my usual attempt of head-shaking wit and humour return.

Till then, here’s a sneak peak.

Oh, and GO NINERS.


Can’t think of a better place to say goodnight from.

8 09 2013


Bonne nuit, mes amis.

Le Tresor du Marais

8 09 2013


Bonjour à Paris! Le pont de vue de mon appartement…

One bag, one backpack to rule them all

7 09 2013


You’re lookin’ at 14 days right there

Getting mom ready for Europe

4 09 2013

Getting mom ready for Europe

My first-ever passport photo

29 08 2013

My first-ever passport photo

Think it’ll work?