Wii = cheap fun

3 03 2007

Just spent 3 hours tonight staying home and playing an assortment of doofy Wii games. Everything from tennis and bowling, to fishing and riding cows. Addictingly fun multiplayer games. I just hope they come out with deeper single player games.

As disappointing as Wii Play was for me, here are some things to take away from it:

1. Shooting gallery seems like it could be a tease of things to come in an upcoming release of Duck Hunt 2

2. Riding cows and knocking over scarecrows is more entertaining than most can imagine. This is probably the closest I’ll come to living in the midwest.

3. Another Wiimote

4. Pool seems like a crude beginning of what could be a very satisfying series of pool games

5. Why is fishing 2d cartoon fishies so fun?

More on the Wii next week…