Goodbye… and hello in-house hosting!!!

31 08 2007

Effective today, I finished moving my entire blog over to my little ubuntu box running at home. This one will no longer be updated. Check out all the new bells and whistles:



HD-DVD, Digg, and how lawyers can be inadvertently counterproductive

4 05 2007

An interesting opinion by John C. Dvorak on how the Internet is changing the way lawyers “protect” their clients. Offers insight on how the peer-to-peer and music sharing networks went from underground to mainstream.

Digg’s DVD-Decoder Fiasco


2 05 2007

I’m a hundred percent behind Digg on this one. Long live user-driven content.


BTW, I really could care less about the content. It’s Kevin Rose’s capacity to see through the noise and make the decision that he did that is so impressive.

If you really do care, HD-DVD encryption has been cracked. It’s: 09 f9…

And you thought I was really going to post it… HA 🙂

25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part 1)

15 03 2007

Found this neat collection on Digg:

Handy scripts, html, and widgets for customizing CSS, AJAX, and forms content on your websites.

Pandora Internet Radio

14 03 2007

I know this may be old news to many of you but it’s been awhile since I’ve been on it and a little reminder is totally worth it.

Pandora is a website that streams radio stations to your web browser. The best part is that you start off by entering a song title, band, album or genre, and the Pandora algorithm will actually create a specialized radio station for you that will share the same qualities as the first song or band name you typed in. You can even rate each song you hear to help Pandora customize the radio station for you. Here is some more background about the Music Genome Project.

Check out Pandora and try creating a few of your own radio stations!

5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good

10 03 2007

Don’t know what Twitter is yet? Check out this post for a some ideas on its usage.