From underwater to the view from above

14 07 2011

(continued from “The underwater world beneath Nha Trang Bay“)

Day 3 was my last in Nha Trang and I spent the first part of it as non-adventurous (normal) Luu J. I slept in (yes, in this blasted country where the sun starts showing off at 5:45am, 9:00am is sleeping in), grabbed a huge breakfast, went down to Louisane Brewery Restaurant (which sits on the beach, has those tropical looking palm umbrellas everywhere, and makes tanks of yummy Black Beer), and sat there reading my book. Every so often, I’d take a break by jumping into the ocean for a swim, or lie there and contemplate life’s many mysteries. Like, for example, how DO they squeeze all that milk into Kraft American Cheese Singles?

Luckily, by noon, the crazy adventure bug hit again and I talked my cousin into going parasailing with me. For the uninitiated, parasailing is when they connect you to a harness, which is connected to an already deployed parachute. Then as if the parachute trying to drag you across the ground isn’t enough stress already, they connect a speedboat to your harness and then drag your ass all over the bay. Let me just say, after my cousin stopped shrieking at the top of her lungs rendering my left ear useless for about a minute, nothing can describe the sensation of flying high above the world. I was told we were anywhere between 25-30m above the ocean. It’s a feeling I will never forget. It was like seeing a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view. When we finally came back down and gently grazed the water as we came ashore, I couldn’t help but wish I could’ve shared the experience with more people, perhaps someone special. But alas, that will be my excuse to come back again in the future.




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