The underwater world beneath Nha Trang Bay

13 07 2011

I’m about as adventurous as a fat kid at a supermodel swimsuit party. My idea of a good time involves either a Coors Light and a baseball game, or eating food until I’m silly full. Yep, I’m pretty crazy, a real-life kamikaze. But every so often, you surprise yourself, and my 3-day trip to the resort city of Nha Trang did just that. There’s something about being 10,000 miles away from home that brings out the adventurous spirit. The usual inhibitions masked by excuse making flew out my window with the beautiful ocean view and were swept away by the warm beach air. And yes, I was sober… well, mostly.

On the train ride up to Nha Trang, I made friends with an Aussie and his “mate” (his words not mine) and we had an interesting conversation comparing Aussie and American culture. On Day 2, I rode a speedboat out to several of the small islands in Nha Trang bay. Not gonna lie, that Year of the Dog thing kicked in again, and I couldn’t help sitting near the bow of the boat as it screamed along at over 50km/hr, my luscious black hair whipping in the wind. I bought fresh sea snails and cuttlefish from a merchant that literally lives on a floating seafood farm out on the bay. I went swimming on a private beach where I enjoyed my freshly purchased seafood, cooked by a beachfront restaurant the way I requested: steamed and grilled.

But my biggest adventure of the day (other than my visits to the W.C.), was my first time ever diving. Airplanes and me are like french fries and ketchup, but me and being underwater for extended periods of time with creepy crawly things are more like Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, Harry Potter and Voldemort, Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz. But again, something about being on the beautiful pristine blue ocean made me forget my usual hesitations and I suited up before I even had a chance to realize what I was doing [Sidebar: Me not wanting to get shown up by my younger female cousin had nothing to do with it. Nope. Definitely not.] I was led by hand on a ‘fun dive’ by a certified diver and in an instant, I was plunged into the underwater world of Nha Trang Bay.

I saw all types of living things. Small fish, big fish… red fish, blue fish. I saw bright yellow fish, I saw a school of small black fish. I ran my hand on the ocean floor and found a bottom dweller deftly hidden in the sand. I picked up odd shaped starfish, I touched living coral and plants. Simply put: I did a whole bunch of things I never want to do. If the little minions that operate the hamster wheel in my head could talk, they would say something in gibberish and squeak a noise that sounded like, “WTF? Is he feeling ok?”

Oh, I was feeling ok, alright… and I wasn’t done yet.


To be continued in part two…




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16 07 2011
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