Planes, trains, and a whole bunch of motorscooters

8 07 2011

It’s funny how family dynamics really transcend language and culture most of the time. I’m sitting downstairs in the main living room and it’s so humid my palms are sticking to my MacBook as I write this. The two large front doors are wide open and beyond the metal gate that hides me from the alleyway  and ultimately the neighbors that are out and about, I hear the never ending cacophony of motorscooter engines and their exhaust fumes fill up my lungs with each breath.

Upstairs, I can hear my extended family loudly discussing what to pack and what is too hideous to go into public wearing. After spending the better part of the last 24 hours in an airport or an airplane, we’re about to head out to catch an overnight train. With any luck, by the time we wake up tomorrow morning we’ll be in the beach resort town of Nha Trang, about 400km northeast of the southern metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. I’m told to look forward to two things: Seafood. And SWIMMING.

I’m especially excited about the swimming part. I haven’t swam with the fishes in over two years and I’ve read that the water averages in the low 70s (F). That’s a whole lot of win if you ask me. Plus, if you know me at all, I turn into a giddy little school kid when it comes planes, trains, and boats.

Taxi’s here. Gotta run…




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