Hello?! Is this thing still on?!

8 07 2011

So, after nearly four years of calling it quits, this blog has found new life.

And so have I.

A lot has gone on in these last four years… And yet, some things remain constant like Polaris, the Northern Star (which contrary to popular myth is not the brightest star in the night sky). The Sharks still haven’t won a Stanley Cup Championship, I still have a major crush on Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), and Chinese Democracy is somehow still the worst Guns N’ Roses record.

But alas, I am not writing here once again to reclaim the past. In fact, I’m not even interested in the uncertain future (I know this for certain). Nay, I am Back in Black to share with you my very current (and very hot) trip to Vietnam. Join me and my borrowed Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera as we take you on a most likely confusing photo blog tour of the motherland that I wasn’t born in. Oh, and here’s my big fat disclaimer: I have NO idea how to use a DSLR camera nor do I claim to have any artistic sense: Imagine someone throwing the keys to the Space Shuttle Endeavor at you and asking you to valet park it.

First things first, though: My camera needs a name. I’m feeling Steve, Larry, or Carrie. Throw some names at me.





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