ARGH… I Just Need to Pee…

23 04 2007

This is a lawsuit waiting to happen…

Or, a really good opportunity to claim ignorance 🙂
ARGH…I just need to pee…


Dude, I told you…

19 04 2007

Dude, I told you.


15 04 2007


How to Use English Punctuation Correctly

5 04 2007


“Would you like to write a great paper for one of your classes? Maybe you need to submit a polished, impeccable proposal to your boss? If so, it will help to know proper punctuation usage. The following is a list of common English punctuation marks and their usage.”

I like the warning at the end:

“The ability to use English punctuation appropriately may help your writing to flow much more smoothly, generally creating a more “intelligent” appearance. Don’t overdo it by adding punctuation when it is inappropriate!”