3D Desktop effects for WinXP without hogging your system resources

5 03 2007


Supposedly a cool plugin for your WinXP desktop that creates 3d effects for your windows, but with a small memory footprint that doesn’t bog down your resources. If anyone has an XP box they can try it on, let me know how it is.




2 responses

14 03 2007

It’s pretty cool. Easy to install and uninstall. It could be better though. Like for example if you had Windows media player plane in, you can’t drag a media file and drop it on like you could if it was in normal mode. I don’t know if that made any sense. I think you have to restart it everytime windows starts up though which really sucks.
On the bright side, it doesn’t seem to bog my computer down. But my computer’s a monster for the task that i have it do (word processing and email).

14 03 2007

Cool man. Thanks for the feedback.

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